Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stuff I'm into.

Just a quick note to let ya'll know what I find interesting.

Our shared reality has many mysteries.

My favorite is the 1-2-3 Principle.

You may ask: "What the hey is the 1-2-3 Principle?"

So glad you asked.

Here's some examples:

1. Past-Present-Future
2. Proton-Neutron-Electron
3. Height-width-depth (or 3-D space)
4. Solid-Liquid-Gas
5. Black-Gray-White
6. Mother-Child-Father
7. Thesis-Synthesis-Antithesis (see Hegel)
8. Fibonacci Numbers (1-2-3-5-8-13-etc)
9. E=MC2
10. Doric-Ionic-Corinthian
11. Order-Balance-Chaos
12. Eternity-Temporality-Oblivion

There's more, but you get the idea.

The ultimate example of the 1-2-3 Principle though is:


Essentially, the fact that you 'exist'...but can constantly change or grow...or die...means that you can infer the existence of two seperate 'forces':

'Eternity' (something 'more real' than you which impels your existence) and...

'Oblivion' (something 'less real' than you that causes you and all atomic matter to decay).

Inbetween is 'Temporality' which we already know exists...and which is composed of one-half Eternity and one-half Oblivion.

So in our reality, we come from nowhere...exist for a time...then go back to nowhere.

But the 'essential you' which is the 'eternal' part cannot be destroyed. It merely changes form.

The 'universe'...or an area of space and time which provides a resolution between the grand opposites of Eternity and Oblivion.

There's so much more...

...and I'm trying to write a book about it all...

...but in the meantime...

The other things I find interesting are:

1. Affordable housing designs.
2. Conspiracy theories.
3. Alternative energy devices.
4. Nostalgia, antiques, old music.
5. Storytelling.
6. Social solutions.
7. Old technology (8-Tracks primarily).
8. Comprehensive lists.
9. People in general...what motivates humanity.
10. Aliens, UFOs, Ancient texts, etc.

This is the short list.

The universe is far more than we know.

We should pay close attention to it.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Post One.

Greetings and felicitations!
I decided to join this blogspot in order to follow the blog of my friend and fellow artist Casey Klahn. Casey and I went to high school together back in the 70's. Casey's expertise in art was surpassingly good and inspired me to get serious about my own art. Be sure to go to Casey's website at: long as I'm here an' all...I might as well try to blog a bit.

If you go to my national website:'ll see I have a well of varied interests.

From Physics, Art and Affordable Housing to 8-tracks, Truisms, Movie tributes and even Sports trash talk. I'm just a geek with an artist's perspective and an insatiable curiousity about how things work in life. A mixture of inner incompatibilities (ranting now) that makes me both a tiresome know-it-all and a questing crusader. A perfect Type 'E' 'showman' character who will get everybody worked up on the issues one day and then drop everything the next in order to follow a new stream of thought.

A thoroughly frustrating person...I know.

Of course I know.

I'm a know-it-all right?

I can fix anything except me.

So I spend a lot of time complaining about it.

(Say...aren't blogs just a place to whine and moan ad infinitum?)

My biggest problem is being unable to focus on just one subject or thing. In this day and age of computers and internet service and explosive technological's hard for a creative person to just focus on being one kind of artist. The paths the mind can take are endless.

Now let's see...

I want to:

1. Design a 3-D periodic table and...
2. Solve the homelessness problem and...
3. Write a sci-fi novel and...
4. Invent an alternative energy device and...
5. Design a 'gravity-oriented' theme park and...
6. Write a screen play and...
7. Teach a chemistry class at Berkeley and...
8. Compose a hit song and...
9. Buy a Maxfield Parrish painting and...

...say,...are you still there?

Usually people have fallen asleep or wandered off by the time I get to the interesting stuff.

Moving right along...

The thing is...

...I have an endless array of palettes to choose from in life. How can I choose just one? In order to focus and make some dough? I could invent a world changing energy device or reveal the secrets of the universe (ranting again). I could take the battle to the streets or challenge our oppressive government openly or....


Can't do it.

I shoulder too many daily responsibilities to swerve out of line and challenge 'The System' for very long. Which is great for the system I suppose.

But every day I try to foist my creative abilities onto and into whatever job I happen to be stuck doing at the time. Which doesn't endear me to my employers for very long. I think I've worked at 64 different jobs since before leaving high school. Frittering my life and brain power away on penny-ante jobs and industrial nightmare backwash.

So I'm basically just a family man...a 'jack-of-all-trades' and a starving artist who's been trying desperately for decades to put together:

1. The free time and...
2. The expensive materials and...
3. The requisite place to work...

...all of which are needed to create the fomentive works of art that roil tempestuously within me.

Sometimes I get lucky.

You'll see if you go to my national website.

Still and's no royal road that I travel.

Maybe I should Blog people over the hea*...Uh...I mean write interesting things and post them on my own blog-type-dealie.

And then I'll....I'll....

Hey, what's this over here?