Sunday, April 19, 2009

Virus got me...

Just a quick note to let whoever created the computer virus that wiped out my files three days ago, know that he (or she) has banked some bad karma...which is too bad for them.

I cannot imagine the dementia it takes for some bottom-feeder to wrecklessly put something so evil into motion in order to hurt innocent starngers on-line...destroy their family photos...wrecking months or even years of their hard work. I've always felt that those who secretly set improper things in motion within our world are just 'unfortunately aware' of how much less their dingy world is compared to ours. These vile 'sub-humans' who process evil in their garbage-strewn apartments, have truly lived in vain...and are sequestered in a mental jail of their own making, waiting for their painful end, after which, nothing good awaits.

Much of what I had was fortunately backed up on CD...but a lot wasn't. Many beautiful recent family photos of my three daughters and I on a trip, birthday parties, etc...are gone...irretrievable lost.

But I choose not to let this get to me.

My daughters and I are determined to return to those places we visited and have twice as much fun this year than last...and take twice as many pictures as before. What was taken from us will be restored or replaced by memories ten times better than before.

So I won't dwell on what I lost too much...or how much work it will be to restore my favorites or my on-line research...or dwell on what punishments I'd mete out to whoever created the virus.

There's no need to.

Evil people are themselves caught up in a storm of their own making like as not. The worst punishment for such evil just to BE those evil people. They will never know what true, unadulterated joy...untarnished by past misdeeds...actually is. To live a life without be a person who 'fears no truths' (as Thomas Jefferson once stated) is to have truly lived.

Whoever created the silly, inneffectual virus that attacked our family's computer...will never be able to say that or be that person. They've just sealed their own future in a jar marked 'pathetic' for the rest of us to pass by and think "There but for the grace of God...".

What evil people fail to reckon is that we all live in a balanced infinitely well balanced universe...which is balanced right down to your thoughts. Every evil misdeed or thought that is set into motion weighs against you.

Likewise, every neglected chance to put positive works into motion weighs against you as well.

For every action, there is an equal and positive reaction.

Let the unrighteous be warned:

Evil deeds only cause the righteous to join ever closer together against the works of the unrighteous few who, in the end, are just their own worst enemy.

So I feel no worse for the recent on-line attack. Just lucky to have salvaged so much that was precious. My daughter's graduation pictures and videos were properly backed up on CD...and that alone is cause for cheering. Most of best artwork files were already posted on-line and easily retrievable. This blog alone saved some of my best works.

I know that all things work together for good...and that better times await me and my family this year...which will be savored all the more for having weathered this silly, ineffectual virus.

Note to the wise...take the time to back up your most precious files on CD or on-line at those websites which safeguard precious files. It is well worth it.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sinai speaks.

Here's a new digital art piece...

It's called 'SINAI'...for obvious reasons.

"Take off thy shoes from off thy feet...for where thou standeth is Holy ground!"

Happy Easter!...and Passover too...