Monday, December 6, 2010

Had a great time at the Victorian Coubtry Christmas event at the Western Washington fairgrounds yesterday. Took my three daughters with me.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Scar's Back!

Here's a glimpse of my upcoming book 'TEKNODOL'...

Chapter two: 'Scar's back'

(musical accompaniant: 'The Other Side of Life' by The Moody Blues).

A young red-headed female, althletically built, emerges from a lunar shuttle. A corporate looking business man tries to chat her up but she ignores him.
As she passes him, he notices the lettering on her flourescent orange and yellow jumpsuit: "Lunar Corrections Center". The man immediatlely stops talking to her and looks the other way.

Scar (short for Scarlet) continues walking out of the shuttle arrival center and into the streets of a futuristic city.
A black leather clad underworld character hanging out by a floating taxi cab recognizes her and snaps a picture with his comm phone. He then begins to text-send "Scar's back!" He highlights 'ALL' and sends the message.

Instantly, all over the city, we see inserted images of people receiving the message as Scar continues her purposeful walk through this futuristic metropolis.
All the TJ's (transom jumpers) in the city begin to get the word and start running for their hopped up A-G (anti-gravitic) vehicles.

One by one the sky-gangs start to arrive at 'launchpoint zero' deep within the subterranean levels beneath the city and are cheered by the growing crowd of onlookers as each arrives.

Each sky-gang anti-grav has a female TJ on the hood, ready to challenge the current title-holder...the legendary 'ROCKET GIRL' (Scarlet)
Transom Jumper sky-gangs:

1 - The Suits - a big bucks pro-corporate sky-gang wearing althletic corporate suits and sunglasses.
2 - The Toros- Hispanic sky-gang members who wear black flamenco and matador outfits and sombreros.

3 - The Witch Doctors- An African warrior sky-gang wearing bone-studded outfits and painted white faces.
4 - The Jade Dragons - Chinese sky-gang members wearing green snake-skin leather outfits & black and green visors.
5 - The Harajuku or 'Jukus' - Japanese sky-gang members wearing athletic kimonos and Kabuki masks.
6 - The Holos - high-tech sky-gang members, wearing ever-changing video-projector outfits.
7 - The Neons - wearing black-light neon outfits with pin-striped bodysuits and visors.
8 - The Madisons - ad-wearing sky-gang members paid by fashion companies.
9 - The Rems - remote controlled anthrobots controlled by handicapped people via the worldnet.
10 - The Fauntleroys - long-haired sky-gang members wearing too-small school uniforms.
11 - The Quakes - always dressed in plain black and white Quaker outfits or Amish-wear.
12 - The Wolfensteins - classic Gothic monster-movie sky-gang members.
13 - The Sun Kings - Elaborate mask-wearing sky-gang members with dark-circled eyes and gold masks.
14 - The Peles - tattooed South sea sky-gang members with fire rippling around their legs and arms.
15 - Scar's gang, the Space Cadets - wearing classic 1950's space cadet uniforms and goggles.

Scar walks into the underground levels of the city where the TJ sky-gangs are already docked and ready for the 'Welcome Wagon Race'. She passes by sleezy subterranean casinos and nightclubs etc...People whisper and point as she walks by. As she nears Launch Point Zero, the crowds eventually part to form a rowdy gauntlet of nether-dwellers who begin the finger-snapping ritual as Scar walks by.

"Rocket Girl...Rocket Girl...Rocket Girl..."

Finally she arrives at 'sky dock 52' where her old gang and their leader C.C. ('Commander Cody') are dressed in tattered space cadet uniforms and goggles...waiting for her.

She stops, smiles...unzips her corrections coverall...and reveals the bright red space-cadet 'Sky Captain' uniform she was wearing at the time of her arrest.
On the back of her shiny red flight jacket is emblazoned the name 'Rocket Girl'.

C.C. smiles and starts up his famous anti-grav hotrod...the infamous triple jet-engined 'C-SAU'.

Scarlet steps into her magnetic jump-boots and leaps onto C-SAU's hood. A wild cheer from the sky-gang crowd goes up and the race is on!

All over the city, people are watching live-feed video of Scar's return being televised to the networks. Giant video-news signs begin to show past images of Scar's daring flight-races. Police units have been alerted and are taking up postions throughout the city in their black and white police antigrav's in order to make arrests (if they can) and stop the illegal hood-race.

Two futurisitic officers in an antigrav vehicle smile at each other and adjust their police visors.

One says to the other, "This is going to be good".

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Universe & Me.

I've typed this theory a hundred times before, but this is the very first time in this lifetime.
You've typed this theory before as well...hundreds of times before...but never in this lifetime.
This time's my turn...again.
As usual, I will add my dramatic flair.
I love that flair. I spice my work up with it whenever I can. will roll your eyes and try to press on.

Get to it old man...

Every atom that is you, is a spinning tornado in space-time. That tornado, that 'ether-vortex' is sustained by the cyclical turning of the universe itself...UNIVERSAL MOTION!
The universe turns forever...revolving toroidally into itself...and each of our little atoms is a lttle 'model of forever' as well. Each of our trillions of little atoms has been a dainty hydrogen atom...a lively Carbon atom...and at other times, a heavy Plutonium atom...and sometimes they've been heavier than that. Sometimes they're off the chart altogether!
But always they at first...then slower as time flows by...slower and slower they spin...throwing little photons and neutrinos back into the void...decaying finally into an eternal hydrogen atom...a small little vortex in matter.
Millions of years later, they are again swept up into clouds of hydrogen gas...
...and a star...a pressure fire...eventually ignites.
How our little star shines and smiles and brings forth life on little satellites and planetoids circling around it.
Our little atoms, in the fiery belly of the star, begin to fuse together into higher and higher elements.
Eventually our star goes nova! It blasts our little atoms out into the void once again.
But some of our atoms are heavy, radioactive stuff that congeals into planetoids.
And millions of years later, our little atoms of congealed matter rise and walk about...or crawl about...or flap about...or swim about.
Eventually our little atoms become thinking creatures once again.
And in a relatively short amount of time...thousands of years actually...but who's counting?...
...a familiar old vibration occurs again.
A 'thought' vibration.
Our atoms, linked together again, all begin to vibrate on a peculiar wavelength.
A familiar old wavelength.
And the concept returns.
Our little atoms...the building blocks of the universe...remember!
The strong vibrations...the traumas and the triumphs!
The song of LIFE!
And no blade of grass is ever the same...or ever truly different.
My atoms will stroll through the streets of Babylon yet again.
My atoms will walk in space once more!
My atoms will carve out a sector of galactic space and conquer it...just like before!
My atoms will think these same thoughts again...
...and again...
...and again!
And the fingers type...
And the ghostly spirits of the past watch in anticipation...
And the same old message comes through again...

God is US!

Forming...disentegrating...reforming again...never truly dying.
Ranging out from the center of the universe...
...whirling at the edge of existence...
...and returning to the heavenly center of it all.
Sometimes great...sometimes small...sometimes nothing at all.
But once again, the universe sees itself... a dusty mirror...
...rubs an unshaven chin... a messy apartment... a lacklustre suburb...
...of a mighty metropolis... a mighty pretty country...
...on a gentle blue planet..
...and judges itself...
...and smiles at it's living image... more time...
...and realizes with a sigh...

"Much better than last time."

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March Madness!

March always runs roughshod over me.
My bills are stacking up...medical, rent, insurance, etc...
Work is picking up...leaving me no free time to create...
Family issues and friend issues pop up like burnt toast..

Seeking the bright side...the itinerant eclectic artist dwells on the positives...

I met Jim Mora the other day (former Seahawks coach)...had a good conversation. He really is a nice guy. Too bad his toast got burned by the Seahawks last year.

Went back to smoking. Never try to quit when your life is a crap tornado.

Saw AVATAR in 3-D the other day. Great movie! A thrilling experience. I highly recommend seeing it.

Got our power and internet back up after three weeks cold we got basic cable back...all good.

Got another idea for coast-to-coast-AM...more later on this...

Doing some twitter...and Facebook time...

My Pepsi-refresh idea went down in 25k...oh well...

Okay...I've blogged...

Ya'll get back to me.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New year!

Well it's a brand new year...

...Time to make a new blog entry.

Yes...I'm an infrequent blogger. It's part of my charm...and makes the few times I do wax bleh-loquent far more rare and valuable.

Well that's the theory anyway. It's probably better to have something relevant to say I suppose. Luckily I'm full of it...

Did that come out right?

Oh well...

I got sick over the Christmas holidays...spent four days at Valley General in Renton...excellant care...but the food...ew! Bring your own. Actually the bacon was okay...but every time I ordered like six slices...they'd give me three...I ordered four...I'd get two. Four days was my limit.

So I'm on the downside of this virus...doing better...thanks for asking...turns out the limo biz was so slow that most drivers didn't even work during the holidays. I picked the perfect time to let my lungs turn green...but financially I'm screwed until I get my tax return.

I also took the sicko time-out and used it as an opportunity to try to quit smoking. As of this writing, I haven't had a cigarette since before Christmas.
I realize's not the nicotene that hooked's the stress. If I don't start decompressing soon...I'm gonna backslide and blaze up.

Whoever reads my life and buy my art okay!?

I need the dough...and a lot less stress!

Oh girlfriend!...You gotta see my two new YouTube videos!

I had so much down time from gave me a chance to work on the net (and my OneTrueMedia account) and finish up these two projects. The first video is one I've wanted to create for over ten years!

It's called: "If I Had A Hammer!"

Here's a link to it:

Certain music speaks volumes to me graphically...and the pictures appear in my mind...evoking a visceral reaction that must be shared.

The Song "If I Had A Hammer"...written by Pete Seeger and Lee both prophetic and timeless.

The next video is just a higher quality rendering of my original musical montage of my past artwork. It's called 'The Amazing Art of GARTH - 2010.

Here's a link:

So watch and enjoy...

There's more I suppose...but it'll keep.