Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New year!

Well it's a brand new year...

...Time to make a new blog entry.

Yes...I'm an infrequent blogger. It's part of my charm...and makes the few times I do wax bleh-loquent far more rare and valuable.

Well that's the theory anyway. It's probably better to have something relevant to say I suppose. Luckily I'm full of it...

Did that come out right?

Oh well...

I got sick over the Christmas holidays...spent four days at Valley General in Renton...excellant care...but the food...ew! Bring your own. Actually the bacon was okay...but every time I ordered like six slices...they'd give me three...I ordered four...I'd get two. Four days was my limit.

So I'm on the downside of this virus...doing better...thanks for asking...turns out the limo biz was so slow that most drivers didn't even work during the holidays. I picked the perfect time to let my lungs turn green...but financially I'm screwed until I get my tax return.

I also took the sicko time-out and used it as an opportunity to try to quit smoking. As of this writing, I haven't had a cigarette since before Christmas.
I realize's not the nicotene that hooked's the stress. If I don't start decompressing soon...I'm gonna backslide and blaze up.

Whoever reads my life and buy my art okay!?

I need the dough...and a lot less stress!

Oh girlfriend!...You gotta see my two new YouTube videos!

I had so much down time from gave me a chance to work on the net (and my OneTrueMedia account) and finish up these two projects. The first video is one I've wanted to create for over ten years!

It's called: "If I Had A Hammer!"

Here's a link to it:

Certain music speaks volumes to me graphically...and the pictures appear in my mind...evoking a visceral reaction that must be shared.

The Song "If I Had A Hammer"...written by Pete Seeger and Lee both prophetic and timeless.

The next video is just a higher quality rendering of my original musical montage of my past artwork. It's called 'The Amazing Art of GARTH - 2010.

Here's a link:

So watch and enjoy...

There's more I suppose...but it'll keep.


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