Friday, February 13, 2009

New post time...

So I find a few moments to blog...

I ran across a great little video on Wilhelm Reich yesterday. Wilhelm was a smart guy who believed too much in the 'integrity' of the American system. He blabbed where he shouldn't have...ventured into areas he shouldn't have...and made a great name for himself and left a mysterious legacy of questions surrounding reality and something called an 'orgone accumulator'. Einstein himself gave this guy the time of day and then turned and ignored him...for reasons inexplicable.

So I like Wilhelm Reich. He asked the tough questions and rubbed our noses in it for not asking them ourselves. Gotta love a no-nonsense know-it-all. W. Edwards Deming was similar...but knew where to pinch the system's butt in order to get a resulting: 'what-the-deuce?'

Wilhelm stood in front of the train and expected it to stop through sheer faith in humanity. He got mowed down by the FDA and died in prison. His last manuscript was stolen. He might have died of a broken heart...or cigarettes.

Here's a link to an informing video by Peter Robbins who has researched Wilhelm Reich's life and works:

Here's some recent art by's called "Sif":

More later...